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Kerstin Bohen

Sales Associate

  • 407.902.4163
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"Real estate is about energy and expertise. I represent my clients with creative and aggressive strategies that anticipate their needs and exceed their expectations."

Although Kerstin Bohen has only been a licensed real estate agent for one year, she has already made her mark as a creative and passionate realtor. Her ability to listen and understand her clients’ needs, along with her integrity, efficiency, and professionalism, has helped her achieve high-quality results and exceed expectations.

Kerstin was born and raised in Austria and attended the University of Vienna, where she received her BA in Business and Economics. An avid traveler, Kerstin has visited numerous countries and experienced different cultures around the world, giving her the unique perspective of helping clients from all backgrounds, especially overseas clients who have recently moved to the area.

Prior to real estate, Kerstin learned the art of client-servicing in the hospitality industry, working at hotels and restaurants in some of the world’s greatest metropolitan areas, including Spain, Germany, Austria, New York and Miami. Before that, she was a special effects make-up artist for movie and theater productions. This diverse work experience enables Kerstin to approach each transaction with a sharp, creative mindset and a keen eye for detail.

As a mother to two girls, Kerstin knows the benefits one can receive living in Central Florida, as well as the schools, community programs, and all levels of youth sports. An ardent foodie, Kerstin knows all of the best restaurants and eateries in the area, and she is well-versed in the exciting outdoor activities that Florida has to offer. In her spare time, Kerstin is a spin instructor and loves going swimming, zip lining, sky diving and scuba diving.

Kerstin’s consistent success is driven by her commitment to offering the best in-client service. She works tirelessly to help her clients reach their goals, often going above and beyond to make the buying and selling process as easy and enjoyable as possible. She is honest, energetic, and pounds the pavement, anticipating hurdles and devising strategies that meet her clients’ needs.


Kerstin Bohen

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